β€œthis podcast sucks. these guys r clowns. who cares what other ppl do i mean come on just live n let live man what i do doesnt effect u. life is short just live ur best life... oh an if u want a good podcast just watch joe rogan.πŸ‘½πŸ„β€
— Everyone

The Lexiphane and Laura Mars discuss their hopes and dreams for the JIG IS UP project.

The Lexiphane, Laura Mars and Boomer Jim discuss the importance of speech and articulation in our every day lives and ways we can improve our communication skills.

The squad discovers that they are all terrible at managing their time. The Lexiphane, Laura Mars, Boomer Jim and Bogart discuss Time related issues.

Please consume this media about Consumerism and consumption featuring The Lexiphane, Laura Mars and Boomer Jim.

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The Lexiphane | Producer, Host

Laura Mars | Co-Host, Music

Boomer Jim | Commentator

Bogart | Music, Commentator

The Dark Prince | Commentator